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Kristin Moriarty /Staff Writer
Saturday, June 3, 2017

Located on 2470 U.S. 41 North, you will find property that is rich in history dating back to the 1930s. Over time, Church Home Rehabilitation and Healthcare LLC was founded back in 1960. Chief Operating Officer Glenn Smith shares how the facility came about and what all they offer.

“The Christ Sanctified Holy Church is a small denomination that was founded in 1892,” said Smith. “The church spread from North Carolina to all over the southeast and further west. In the 1930s, members of the church desired to buy some property so that they would have a location they could retire to as well as have a permanent location to have their camp meeting celebrations. After searching far and wide, they bought this property that we are on today.”

At the time, the property was an existing farm, which is still managed today by Smith. It has pecan trees dating back prior to 1930, Smith said. The first camp meeting was held in 1939 and one of the longtime leaders of the church, Floyd Hagan, who was at the first meeting as a child passed away a month ago.

“Mr. Hagan was well known in Perry because of his influence with the church and community,” said Smith. “He is truly missed.”
Also, at the time of the purchase was a house, Smith said. In the following years, the members of the church wanted to take care of their elderly members and some of those moved into that old home place and became known as the Church Home.

“That’s where the name comes from,” said Smith. “Over time, that evolved and in 1960, the church constructed a formal state license nursing home. In 1989, the original home was completely removed and torn down to rebuild a new one, which that structure is still in use today. The old nursing home was then completely renovated in 2012 and expanded. And once again, 2014 we expanded with our LifeSpring addition on the southern most end of the property. That addition is predominately used for our short-term rehabilitation therapies for our in-patients and out-patients.”

Church Home Rehabilitation and Healthcare LLC is a 75-bed skilled nursing facility. They offer traditional long-term care services, as well as short-term rehabilitation.

“If you have patients that are being discharged from the hospital and need a little more care to help gain their strength back, that is what our short-term care is for,” said Smith. “Or if you’ve had some type of surgery, hip replacement, they would need our rehabilitation services. We’ve also had patients who had strokes and needed to learn how to get back on their feet, speak and eat.”
Smith said Church Home is not just a skilled facility, but a faith-based organization that is an outreach to the community.

“Only 20 to 25 percent of our residents are members of the church,” said Smith. “Some think it’s just for the church members when it is actually for everyone. But it is an absolute joy for me to come and work here every day and witness the love and compassion that is offered by our team. We have a wonderful nursing and care giving team at this facility. It truly warms your heart to see the calling and gifting our staff has for taking care of our residents. It’s a blessing, it’s an honor and it’s a great body of Christ that loves the Lord and wants to share that with the community.”

Church Home Rehabilitation and Healthcare LLC is also rated a five-star facility, which is the only one in Houston County. Smith said the rating comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and there are only three five-star facilities in the middle Georgia area. He also said if anyone would like more information, visit, or to take a tour, call the office at (478) 987-1239.